How the Pocket Bath changes the quality of life.

POCKET BATH, as the official WaSH Innovation store, actively supports communities in need of access to decent sanitary conditions. We tackle the problem of water scarcity not only as a resource, but also as a major resource hampering social and economic development, and we encourage you to watch a short documentary to learn about the individual stories of people living in urban slums.

Collaboration with Caritas Polska resulted in the delivery of 500 Pocket Bath sets to Mozambique.

Our devices have helped to maintain hygiene in the harsh conditions caused by the 2019 cyclone in Beira. Pocket Bath kits can also lower the risk of spreading COVID-19 in that area.

Mozambik. Zestawy do mycia pomogą zachować higienę w trudnych warunkach -  Caritas Polska

We have delivered several POCKET BATH kits to the Muslim school in Ghana

We are collaborating with the Edith Ogbonna Foundation

We have been testing our products in Durumi camp for refugees from Nigeria. We have had the opportunity to talk to the refugees in Borno, which has helped us understand the actual needs of these people.

 We have also sent Pocket Bath Kits to several schools in Nigeria – they are still in use today.

We delivered 10 kits to the village of Monasao in the Central African Republic.

In 2017 we helped in Nepal

In Mustang, many families do not have the access to running water. People wash in the streams, or using pumps, which are rarely found on the road in the center of the village. Pocket Bath makes it easier.